can anybody post me about file-aid and changemen tools pls and
give me reference if any mainframe guys are there

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What is the linkage section?

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What will happen if you code GO BACK instead of STOP RUN in a stand-alone COBOL program i.e. a program which is not calling any other program ?

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i want to use only first 100 records from a file.plz tell me how to write JCL for this(for read,copy,write operations).plz give me details of all posible JCL utilities?

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Give some advantages of REDEFINES clause?

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What are the two search techniques ?

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What is the meaning of 'TALLING' verb in cobol?

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What is different between variable length and fixed length?

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Program A calls program B. Will the working storage variables declared in program B be initialized every time it is called by program A or will the values be retained until the end of program A?

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how can u pass the values into db2 values from cobol ?

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we can use set true for condition names.. similarly can we code set to false in cobol pgm? will it work?

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how will u code parm parameter and where pls ?

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Identify the invalid dataname from the following: (A) savings-account (B) annual-allocation-for-overhead (C) samount250 (D) 12demand

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