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what will happen if multimeter(selector switch at DC voltage)
and terminal at current is connected to DC supply?

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I am going to appear for the RRB Chennai Section Engineer online exam. Please send me the question papers from 2001 to date to my mail,plz send me ,or send any other rrb papers plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

0 Answers   RRB,

Why Human body feel Electric shock ?? n in an Electric train during running , We didnt feel any Shock ? why

13 Answers   Lovely Professional University, NTPC,

Is there any relevant technique to produce power from light and heat energy of the sun simultaneosly from same rays of light?

0 Answers  

why ct output is in 5A?

3 Answers  

why the CT ratio secondary is always divided by 5 for eg( 75/5,80/5,50/5)

6 Answers  

what is the internal working of star delta starter

0 Answers  

What is the minimum percentage of power that a powerplant can support in ilanding mode ?

1 Answers  

what is mean by unity power factor?why are u calling Resistivity load also unity power factor?

2 Answers  

What is the GI Earth Flat Size recomended for 33KV 2000KVA Distribution Transformer

1 Answers  

Why field resistance is greater than the armature resistance in dc mechine

1 Answers   Cape Peninsula University of Technology,

why to use 50hz only in tansmisson and as well as in distribution why not60hz?

2 Answers  

which are the criterias needed to select the kind of neutral earthing(solid earthing,resistance earthing,etc.) at various voltage levels in electrical distribution?

0 Answers  

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