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Excel Interview Questions
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A rise in ?SENSEX? means (a) A rise in prices of shares of all companies registered with Bombay Stock Exchange (b) A rise in prices of shares of all companies registered with National Stock Exchange (c) An overall rise in prices of shares with Bombay Stock Exchange (d) A rise in prices of shares of all companies belonging to a group a companies registered with Bombay Stock Exchange

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India?s first private Telephone Service was launched in 1998 in?.. A. New Delhi B. Indore C. Mumbai D. Kochi

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Who among the following became the first Indian minister to visit the Indian research station at Antarctica? A. Pranab Mukherjee B. Jagdish Tytler C. Kapil Sibal D. M.M. Joshi

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What did you do yesterday.

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Perform the following tasks using MS-EXCEL: FUEL ESTIMATES COMPUTATIONS: This project is to compute the fuel needed for two types of airplanes, and the cost of the fuel. You must do all computations using formula, and do a chart. Use Page Setup to make the left margin 0.5 and the right margin 0.5 also. Put your name in the Title line, after "Fuel Estimates". Note the following: ? Col. D - H: You must enter correct formulas under Columns D through H (Flying Fuel, Reserve Fuel, Holding Fuel, Total Fuel Needed and Estimated Fuel Cost)!! Read and compute carefully! ? Cells C12, C13, C14, H13 or H14: When you use these cells in a formula, you must make them absolute cell references (F4 key after your type the cell reference, or enter the $ sign manually) ? Graph/Chart: Select cells A3:B8 (Plane and Flight). Hold down the "Control" key and select D3:D8. Hold down the "Control" key and select G3:G8. Create a chart (Insert- Chart, Finish) and position it in a pleasing way under the data for the flight. Print it on one sheet, in landscape mode. ? Print again, but with Formulae: There are two ways to show formulas: 1) Enter Control+` (the key with the ~ at the top left) or 2) Tools-Options, and under "Window Options" put a check mark beside "Formulas", then close the window.

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what is the scientific name for CHRISTMAS tree?

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why do you choose this company?

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what is Bills Receivables and Bills Payables?

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Sensex points either increased or decreased,How stock exchanges calculating those points?

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bpo interview question answer

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Can't we write test plan without any document with us or we definitely require the document for that

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Hi, How to invoke QTP or any application through Command Prompt without using Vb script and batch file.... Reply me Srinivas

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tell abt u r self for 2 minutes

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What is the related proverb for? “Birds of same feather flock together”

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