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IBM PAPER - 29 JUL 2006

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IBM PAPER - 29 JUL 2006..

Answer / kashyap

HI my name is Kashyap. I attended a written exam at IBM on 29 Jul 2006.
Its referral based. Here enclosing some of the questions and my views.

Paper consisted of 44 q's allotted time is 1 hr.

Paper is divided into 3 sections.

section 1 : verbal
section 2 : Aptitude
section 3 : Learning Ability

sec 1 consisted of : 2 prepositions
3 meanings
2 articles
5 passage

sec 2 consisted of 2 passages and some q's on arithmetic

one on venn diagrams its easy but options for the questions were given

other on data interpretation.

A, B, C, D, E are managers working in P, Q, R, S companies in Finance,
Accounting, Marketing,

Research and Productivity. Some conditions are given such that
-> D works in company P in Finance
-> C neither in Research or Productivity or not even in companies P
and S
-> E will not work in companies R and S
and another condition is also givenC h e ta n a S
followed by questions like who will work in comp. R and S, where does E

-> a sentence will be given followed by two options.


Q) find a>7.5 or not
(i) a>7.4
(ii) a>7.6

a) 1 b)2 c)3 d)4

1-> option (i) is sufficient to find the sol.
2-> option (ii) is sufficient to find the sol.
3-> two are necessary
4-> two are not enough

Q) pq is parallel to RS. if angle PPQ =30 deg. then find angle PRS

Q) some boys and girls together works to finish a work find no. of days it
will take
(i) 4 boys and 5 girls
(ii) boy complete a work in6 hours and girls in 8 hours (something
like that i don't remember exact ques.)

Q) X Sqr, Y Sqr and Z sqr

-> and some simple arithmetic questions

Q) p said to q that "i met the brother of daughter of my grandmother".
then how that person related to p
a) brother b) uncle c) father

Q) In a row of persons D is 7th from left and R is 12 from right. If D and
R interchange their places, D would occupy 22nd place from left. find how
many boys are there?

a ques. on Profit and Loss

sec 3 consisted of a huge passage followed by 10 questions.

passage on DSL (Digital Subscriber Lines)

that's all i can recollect.

Wishing everyone to get succeed in conquering their dream job.

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IBM PAPER - 29 JUL 2006..

Answer / n. jayaprakash.b.e

I am also dont know the answeres. please tel me if this IBM
paper,findout means send me

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