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• Have you previously successful in this position
progressed to within the company you have worked with?

• Have you previously successful in this position progressed to within the company you have work..

Answer / rakesh.r


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what is inlet gas pressure of ge 9 fa gas turbine ?

0 Answers   Aegis,

what is the unit of force in C.G.S system and F.P.S system?

1 Answers  

how current flow found at one and of generator ,at star neutral point each phase.

0 Answers   Neptune,

Dear all, Will some one help me in this issue please? We are entering the Zero Stock Component in Maintenance Order, and we make a Check when the order creator is going to release system will appear Error, until he will not delete that zero stock components from the Maintenance order. but right now what the order creator is not releasing the order but he is going to save order, when's he save the order without release system will generate Reservation in the back ground, which should not happen for Zero Stock Components ? I need the way which we are doing in MB21, Reservation creation by thru Cost Center / WBS Element. At present if you run MB21 and you are going to issue the material system will not allow to generate the reservation if there are zero stock components in the list. please guide me for this issue ? Note : Simple what I need is I don't want to create any reservation thru maintenance order for the Zero Stock Components. Regards, Abdul Mujeeb

0 Answers   Saudi Ceramics,

Explain how fast is a jet plane?

0 Answers  

How to know the bearing number if we know the shaft diameter and RPM?

1 Answers   TCH,

What Is C.G. And M.I. in simple

0 Answers  

1) what is tensile strength of material? 2) what is stress ? 3) what is strain ?

5 Answers  

How will you size a pipe?. What is Darcy's formula?. From where you will get friction factor "f" ?. In darcy formula substitute f = 16/Re and now you see hf proportional to V instead of V square. How do you explain?.

0 Answers   IGCAR, Tekfen,

What is a torque converter?

1 Answers  

Can you give me detail of Diesel Quality parameter in use of DG sets.

0 Answers   P&G Procter Gamble, TN,

What is colour of flame if the of Halide Torch detects a refrigerant leakage?

2 Answers   HAL,

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