how can we calculate void volume?give its importance in brief

how can we calculate void volume?give its importance in brief..

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by injecting Uracil it will elute below 2 minutes

elution of un retained peak

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WHY POTASSIUM HYDROGEN PTHALATE IS USED FOR PERCHLORIC ACID? What is difference btw UV detector & RID detector? what is dissolution? What is unit of KF? what is the significant of pH in HPlc?

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why inject diluted standard solution in related substance analysis by HPLC?

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diference b/w packed &capilary columns

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Can we do the MC analysis of a sample which is not completely soluble in the medium choosed.

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what is the difference betwen the analytical column & peparative column?

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what is the structure of DOWEX-50

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what are the important specifications for a Column ?

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Why 10%,20%,30% Sucrose solution is used for the calibration of polarimeter?

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Why forced Digradition Study is done

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what is the difference between capillary and glass column in GC

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What is the defination of Bulk density?

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