what is row level and column level indicator?

what is row level and column level indicator?..

Answer / sreedhar lokaray

Refer the topic Reject Files in the Informaitca Guide.

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what is mean by flag 4 in update strategy t/r

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The structure of source file is as below: Source structure(two fields) Name, Card NUmber A, 111111111(SSN) A, 01010101(Creditcard number) A, 34343434(Debit card number) B, 55555555(Creditcard number) C, 77777777(Debit card number) Target Structure(4 fields) Name,Credit card,SSN,Debit card A,01010101,111111111, 34343434 B,55555555,, C,,,77777777 Corresponding to one name there can be maximum 3 rows and minimum zero rows. Given that I do not know which record might have a particular type of number. How can I handle above requirement with informatica transformations?

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can we import source table without using source qualifier? if yes then how? if no then why?

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What is data quality? How can a data quality solution be implemented into my informatica transformations, even internationally?

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Is snow flake or star schema used? If star schema means why?

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1)how to generate sequnce numbers in informatica without using sequnce genarator transformation. 2)i have number of records in my sourse, but iwant to display first and last record only. how it is possible in informatica. 3)i want to update the records without using updatestrategy transformation. 4)what is diffrance between ab-intio and datastage than compared to informatica. 5)what is the latest version of informatica in our field.

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I have source like col1,col2,col3,col4 and the values are like 3,6,1,7 1,5,3,8 2,1,5,6 i want the output like 3,6,7 5,3,8 2,5,6 How we will achieve in this scenario in informatica level. Please help me.. Thanks in advance..

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suppose in my source flatfile i have 10000 records in that some of master table records missed table records missed then what will u do

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Explain load alternative records / rows into multiple targets - informatica

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Can you copy the session to a different folder or repository?

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How does the server recognize the source and target databases. Elaborate on this.

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Can we use different lookup tranformations for a same lookup table (lookup condition may or may not be same)with different output ports? How the cache files will be affected? Please clarify..

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