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How informatica process data means how informatica works?


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Can we run session without using workflows?


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What is the internal processes of integration server in Informatica? How data will be extract and load to the target?


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Is LOAD MANAGER AND LOAD BALANCER same in informatica?


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If we have a two tables A & B A contain 10 records,B contain 20 records,what w'll b the o/p if we perform normal join,Master outer join,Detail outer join and Full Outer join how?


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Which is better performance wise database or file?How?


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In what scenario we use to improve session performance by pushdown optimization?can any one give example?

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I i have 2 tables A & B ,A contains 10 records B contains 20 records ,what w'll be the o/p if we perform equijoin,outer join,right outer join,left outer join,full outer join,cross join seperately Can anyone help on this?

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Can anyone guide me the steps to install informatica PC 8.5.1 with database as oracle

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how to join two flat files in informatica?


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how to join two flat file if they have diff. structure?how to join one relational and one flat file?


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if i have one mapping and we already tuned that mapping for performance,everything is fine and loading will take 1 hr,so without doing any change in mapping how could we reduce the loading time from 1hr to 1/2 hr.


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in what type of scenario bulk loading and normal loading we use?

Wipro, Cognizant,

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how can we run workflow with pmcmd?


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why we use informatica in our project?


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wt is inline view? when and why we Use ?mail to


The concept of using subquery in the FROM clause of SELECT statement is called INLINE VIEW.
A subquery in the from clause of SELECT statement defines a data source from that particular statement.

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i have one table like
cust_id ph1 ph2 ph3
1002 9290123526 97671927210 9876545232
we use Normalizer wt is o/p?
sue normalizer we can generate three tables in single table/


In normalizer tab of normalizer tr. set no of occurence to 3
since we have 3 phno,which in turn create 3 i/p port in port tab,u hav to create exp tr. betn normalizer and target and map GCID_phno to expression tr. say out_phno and give condition in expression like decode(GCID_phno,1002,9290123526,1002,97671927210,1002,9876545232);
It might help u

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Question { 2277 }

Dovelopment work (mapings,workflows)and unit testing also
done in informatica ,then wt we do ?
pls give me detail?


We scheduled our workflow using contol-M or Autosys etc.Then we migrated our code to diff environment like QA,Staging,Production,If any issue they found they revert the code back to us and we fix that issues again and sent back to them,then we prepare migration docs .

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Question { Wipro, 13232 }

how to join two flat files in informatica?


Hi Rajesh
could you plz tell me the steps to join from joiner tr.

Mehul Thakur

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Question { Wipro, 5627 }

how to join two flat file if they have diff. structure?how to join one relational and one flat file?


Hi sravanti
Could U please explain how to join ?

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Question { Emphasis, 4864 }

,if we have single SQ in flow and we have router in which it
has two group and we want to join these two groups with
joiner ?is it possible?


Hi Sree

Could u please elaborate your solution

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