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Are You Want to Make a Career in Telecom Sector?

Are You Want to Make a Career in Telecom Sector?..

Answer / techvidhya

Dear Students,
Tech Vidhya is leading training provider Institute in India,
giving opportunity to fresher graduate B.E/ in
Telecom sector. Tech Vidhya certification is proof of your
solid understanding of telecom. We are the pioneers in BTS
and RF I&C training in India and having completed almost a
decade successfully of operations and achievements; we are
still standing strong and contributing positively towards
technology and nation-building. We Provide elaborate
classroom study for 75 Days for lab/on site field study,
Group discussions, Question & Answer. The level of technical
depth in Tech Vidhya’s telecom training programs, simple
step by step delivery method and unique On-Site lab
experience helps students to immediately apply their
learning. Every student is taken through a systematic
process that helps in transformation of the individual to a
core professional.
B.E/ with Electronics & communication,
Electrical, Instrumentation, computer science & IT are
eligible to apply in TechVidhya, to make their career in
Telecom sector as BTS, I&C, Site, RF, Transmission &
Project Engineer. Tech Vidhya is the best telecom training
institute for fresher engineer graduate who want to make
future in telecom. After the completion of training,
candidates will familiarize with various RF Segment such as
RF survey, Civil work, Installation and Commissioning of
BTS, Finalization of Installation, VSWR measurement of RF
cable, Commissioning of BTS/MW, Alignment of MW,
Integration of cell site, Alarm Testing, GSM & CDMA
Technology etc.
Tech Vidhya is only one Telecom training Institution
providing guaranteed placement to their candidates in
leading telecom companies like TVSICS, Ceragon,
Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia-siemens, Ericsson, ZTE, Vodafone, GTL,
Huawei, Relcom, Niscom, Aavriti, ASHKOM, Avion systems and
many more organizations.
Candidate can Apply on :


Call on: 0141-3130083/09785705947

Address: Tech-Vidhya
( A unit of Aayan Infratel Pvt. Ltd. )
Plot No. 97-98-99 , 2nd Floor , NMC Complex
Ram Nagar Shopping Center ,
Shastri Nagar , Jaipur-302016

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