what is the meaning of the capital ique

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what is the meaning of the capital ique..

Answer / rajendra prasad

IQ means intelligent quotient. Possesing IQ related to the
management of Capital is called Capital IQ.

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what is the meaning of the capital ique..

Answer / harshit soni

A research and analysis company that offers a variety of software and data feeds to thousands of investment managers, investment banks, private equity funds, advisory firms, corporations and universities. Its major products are the Capital IQ platform, which provides fundamental analysis, and Compustat, Money Market Directories (MMD), Xpressfeed and SystematIQ, which provide quantitative research.

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what is the meaning of the capital ique..

Answer / jaishree

Capital IQ is a provider of information and analytical
tools for investment bankers, money managers, and other
financial professionals

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what is the meaning of the capital ique..

Answer / sampath.s

capital iq refers to ability to ascertain the particular
thing is called capital iq.

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