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whose the first invented AC voltage or DCvoltage

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whose the first invented AC voltage or DCvoltage..

Answer / baljinder singh

in 1800 Alsendro Voltas find the voltage .

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whose the first invented AC voltage or DCvoltage..

Answer / umang

DC voltages are first observed the great thomas
alva edition...

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whose the first invented AC voltage or DCvoltage..

Answer / shoebullah

question is wrong .. Its not AC
voltage or DC voltage its AC
CURRENT and DC current i.e
alternating current and DC is
direct current .... A.C invented
by my fav. NIKOLA TESLA and
DC invented by Thomas alva

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whose the first invented AC voltage or DCvoltage..

Answer / kedam .koteswar

n 1886 Frank Julian Sprague invented the first practical DC motor

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