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What is meant by capital market?

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What is meant by capital market?..

Answer / sameer jangra

capital market is the market where the sell or purchase of
securities and shares take place. Capital market deals in
long term source of funds(with more than 1 year)

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What is meant by capital market?..

Answer / sundara vadivu

the market for relatively long term (greater than one year
original maturity)financial instruments (e.g.,bonds and

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What is meant by capital market?..

Answer / madhu

Financial markets can be categorized into two types.

1.Money markets
2.Capital markets

Money markets are the markets through which governments or
corporates raise money to meet their short term money
requirements (like meeting their working capital
requirements). The government, through money markets can
raise money for very short periods like 15 days also.

Capital markets are the markets through which corporate
bodies raise money for their long term needs

Capital markets can again be categorise as

1.primary markets
2.Secondary markets

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What is meant by capital market?..

Answer / arun sidharthan

Capital market is a place where shares are been traded

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What is meant by capital market?..

Answer / promotesh choudhury

Capital market is that, which provides long term fund to the
organisation and a fund to acquare capital assets viz
machine land and other fixed assets.

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What is meant by capital market?..

Answer / deepak

Capital market is the market for financial asset which have
long & indefinite period of maturity.

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What is meant by capital market?..

Answer / dk

capital market is a market where primery & secondary shares
are traded between investors & buters.

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What is meant by capital market?..

Answer / amit

capital market includes the transaction in shares, debt
instruments and derivatives. i other world we can say that
all the financial products are being traded over there.

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What is meant by capital market?..

Answer / krishna

capital market is a market for the long term loans
it means that the more then 365 dayz of time

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What is meant by capital market?..

Answer / abhishek

Capital Market is the platform where companies can raise money & investors can use their idle money for investment in various kinds of securities.

There are two segments of capital markets:
1. Primary market: where company can raise money through IPO, and investor can buy shares through IPO.

2. Secondary Market: Any further trading on a share happens in secondary market.

Note: it is irrelevant whether investment is long term or short term.

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