i having source, router transformation, two targets in my
mapping... i given two conditions in router
1)sal >500
2)sal < 5000
my source is havig two sal records (1)1000 (2)2000
then which target will load first? will both targets are get
load or single target only get load...... why?

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Answer / suresh

sal 1(1000)
sal 2(5000)
By using router transformation both targets are get loaded,because here two sal are greaterthan 500 and lessthan 5000.

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Answer / moorthy g

Both Condition Are Satisfied,
So, It will load two targets. (T1 And T2)

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Answer / jayashree

Refer to Page 302 of Transformation Guide:
If a row meets more than one Group Filter Condition, then PC
Server passes this row multiple times.
Hence both the targets will be loaded

PC Server determines the order of evaluation for each
condition based on the order of connected output groups.
Hence first Target1 and then Target 2.

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Answer / manojkumar

Hi Everybody,
Please check question again.
It is

" which target will load first? "


"will both targets are get
load or single target only get load...... why"

As per my knowledge,
It will load into two targets defenetly. There is no doubt
about it. And It will load same time into two targets or
first target will be first and second group target will be
I am not sure about it. I am also searching answer for this

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Answer / jvdwhinfo

Hi Guys,

Both the targets are loaded with both the records as both
condition are satisfied.
And the order of loading is, first target 1 is loaded and
next target 2 is loaded as informatica loads target by


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Answer / sruthi

both targets get loaded.the first target gets loaded first and then the second.it cheks both the conditions,as both cannot be loaded in the same target,it loads the data even in the second target.

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Answer / sameer

according to router group condition first load data the into target sal<500 and then load the data into the target sal<5000 because the informatica server check the group condtion according to router group then load then the data into the target means in target t1 1000 and then load taeget t2 5000

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Answer / chandana

Use Target load order to specify which one to be loaded

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Answer / jani basha

both records are load into 1st target only.... because in
Router if 1st condition satisfies then it will not go to 2nd

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