name any insolvent compound?

name any insolvent compound?..

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what are the advantage and disadvantages of evaporation?

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why athanol-water mixtuere have maximum viscocity in wt% 40?

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what kind of question can be asked in interview for UV- VISIBLE & give me answer ?

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what kind of question can be asked in interview for polarimeter related ?

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if water is mixed with mercury what causes with thier suspension property is it increses,decrease or average?

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what are UV rays absorbs slightly?

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what are the different by which a new molecule can be characterised ?

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During Soundness testing of Cement by Lechatelier method the Cement mould expands about 20 mm when merged in curing water for 24 hours after mould preparation.In that Cement MgO content is about 3.0%,SO3 is about 2.6% & Blaine is about 360 M2/Kg.Guess the reason & suggest solution.

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what is earthing?

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Why water is not detected in GC & solvents are not detected in HPLC?

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name any insolvent compound?

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What happens to the solubility of group II Sulphates as you go down the group?

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