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how much watts the computer will takes

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how much watts the computer will takes..

Answer / raza

CPU Wattage = It depends on Power supply which is placed in
CPU, Generally it is 350 watts (its rating can be upto 1500
Monitor Wattage = Current rating of LCD is near about 1.5 A.
if you use it on 220v then its rating will be 330 watts. if
you use it on 110v then will be 165 watts.

CPU(Included mouse, keyboard) + LCD Monitor
350 + 330 (In Pakistan and India)
if u use other peripherals, such as speaker, printer,
scanner etc. then wattage of these will be added.

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how much watts the computer will takes..

Answer / milinda4p

nearly 450W + wattage of the monitor

But if speakers,printers ..etc are used we have add the
wattages of those too

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