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Why HT voltages are expressed in 11KV,22KV,33KV and so on? (ie
in times of 11)

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Why HT voltages are expressed in 11KV,22KV,33KV and so on? (ie in times of 11)..

Answer / meenakshi

every1 say the reason is form factor 1.1....but the actual
reason is,according to the international stds, for every
100V, 10% of voltage is added for the compensation of
transmission loss.

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Why HT voltages are expressed in 11KV,22KV,33KV and so on? (ie in times of 11)..

Answer / vidya

generally in electrical power system is expressed in terms
of form we know that form factor is the ratio
between avg..value to the ..rms value...mathmatical value
is the voltages are expressed in 11kv,22kv,33kv

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Why HT voltages are expressed in 11KV,22KV,33KV and so on? (ie in times of 11)..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

T.A. Edison invented the electric bulb which was working on
100 V DC.To get the same light output with that bulb,110 V
AC was required.Hence the form factor is responsible. If you
divide by 1.1 ,you get the average value.

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