What is smoke testing?

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What is smoke testing?..

Answer / udaykumar

1. Checking for the basic functinality or basic features of
the project once we receive the build is called Smoke
2. If any of the basic functionality is failed, then we
dont continue with testing. we simply reject the build. It
means we will check whether the build is stable or not.
3. Here we will select some of the functionality test cases
and these test cases are called smoke test cases. All these
test cases should be passed.

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What is smoke testing?..

Answer / hary

smoke testing is testing whether the newsoftware or build
is ready for major testing or not.

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What is smoke testing?..

Answer / satya_k21


In Smoke testing we are mainly focus on the major
functionalities.. if the major functionalities are not
working ( that means build is not stable) then we are going
to stop the testing.


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What is smoke testing?..

Answer / illur iqbal....new delhi

The exercise to carry out to check the Application Build is
working fine and stable for the Extensive Testing @ the
Tester's End. Basically the testing is done by the
Developers before the Build delivered to QA team.

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What is smoke testing?..

Answer / amar

smoke testing is to check wether the buld is stabel or un

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What is smoke testing?..

Answer / ramachandra naidu

Smoke Testing:
--> Testing done to ensure that the product is testable.
--> Smoke test is a collection of written tests that are
performed on a system prior to being accepted for further
--> This is also known as build verification test.

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What is smoke testing?..

Answer / sreedhar karnati

Smoke Testing is used for whether the Bulid is Stable or not
if it is not ready for testing we will immediatly stop the
testing and sent back to the Developement dept

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What is smoke testing?..

Answer / narsimha sharma

Smoke testing: This is the initial level of testing for new software build for the testers. Whenever a new software build released to testers then they need to conduct smoke testing to ensure that whether the build was ready for testable or not or we can say that to ensure the build is stable so that we can continued testing on it without any interrupt or we can say that 'to confirm that the released software is just working or not so that we can perform further level of testing on it'. Smoke testing is the best practice to conduct in every new software build we received from developers.

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What is smoke testing?..

Answer / suresh

Smoke testing in nothing but testing the application whether
all the major functionalities are available in order to do
thorough testing.
nothing but checking whether build is stable or not..

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What is smoke testing?..

Answer / baba

Smoke Testing means testing the most important
functionality of the software.

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