Why glands not provided for XLPE cables

Why glands not provided for XLPE cables..

Answer / ramu

No Glands are provided

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sir my exam is on 19/6/2013 under electrical branch pls send me sample aptitude questions as well as sample technical questions for jindal steel and power company

0 Answers   Jindal,

While testing the 33KV Busbar by using Hipot kit, what should be the test voltage we have to apply?

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what is floating charger and boosting charger?

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What is the ideal position cooling fan inside the dc motor?

0 Answers   Kay Bouvet,

how many wires need to be bring to the motor if its star delta starter

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Generally at what power factor the electronic equipments like computer, TV, EPABX etc.,operates. Please tell me.

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what may the reason for vector shift in a generator?

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How to calculate the voltage drop of 4 Core 50 Sqmm SWA cable for a distance of 350 mtrs and what can be the maximum load connected to it?

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depending on what we can choose the rate of mccb considering that we know the total load

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How many wall/floor flange will i use in bus duct system if we have in our design a 35th floor building.

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What does a permanent magnet generator do?

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what is the voltage between earth & neutral in 3 phase electrical connection.

0 Answers   SIPL, Megatron Solutions,

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