What is node? How many nodes and amps used in your previous project?

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How can you track login parameters of users in teradata?

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What is difference between user and database in teradata?

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Backup Script was blocked you are unable to archive the data now. how do you analyze it and where do you identify ?

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Increasing no of amps will increase performance. Is this true?

5 Answers   Infosys,

What is the use of fallback?

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what are the default access rights in the teradata?

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can we join volatile table with general table an global temporary table with general table ?

4 Answers   IBM,

What are the available primary index types?

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Hi Frnds this que is recently asked at IBM there are two rows like aa6588fhfhf,gru282vbvv. Question is howcan we retrive the first number from two rows. Can any one help thanks in advance

5 Answers   IBM,

How to find No. of Records present in Each AMP or a Node for a given Table through SQL?

2 Answers   IBM,

teradata support to automatically increase the character length or not?

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How to Skip or Get first and Last Record from Flat File through MultiLoad and TPUMP Utility?

4 Answers   IBM, Comsys,