Find 2 highest sal from each dept who have completed 5 year in org

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What's the difference between timestamp (0) and timestamp (6)?

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If the script is aborted. why it is aborted and how can you identify ?

1 Answers  

How many types of index are present in teradata?

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Backup Script was blocked then you are unable to archive the data. how do you analyze it and where do you identify ?

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Why do Hash joins usually perform better than Merge Joins?

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what is identity columns in TD?

2 Answers   Wipro,

What is logical data model?

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how do you manage the production space. what are the proactive methods you can take ?

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When tpump is used instead of multiload?

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if collect stats but it show low confidence why?

0 Answers   IBM,

How do you eliminate duplicates?

3 Answers  

Aborted in Phase 1 data Acquistion Incomplete in fastload?

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