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IN AC mechanical fuelpump what stands for AC

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IN AC mechanical fuelpump what stands for AC..

Answer / vinoth

Albert Champion. He founded Champion Ignition Company (AC
Spark Plug Company) to make spark plugs. He is the 'AC' in

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IN AC mechanical fuelpump what stands for AC..

Answer / partha pradip sarkar

Automatic Control mechanical feed pump to supply fuel to injector or carburetor from fuel tank.

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IN AC mechanical fuelpump what stands for AC..

Answer / nissam

Actuated cam

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IN AC mechanical fuelpump what stands for AC..

Answer / amu aomi

Alternate current pump.

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IN AC mechanical fuelpump what stands for AC..

Answer / manu emmanual

Actuated by cam

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IN AC mechanical fuelpump what stands for AC..

Answer / malikjan

arm contact

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