can anybody tel me how a vfd or any field instrument
communicates/interface with plc/scada/cs.

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what is gas metering system? gas chromatograph? and gas compressors?

0 Answers   HPCL,

What is the Working principle of Dozing valve?

0 Answers   Shree Cement,

Lux meter is the measuring device to measure the lux level of lighting fixture. in industrial sector two types of lighting fixture is being used as street lighting purpose 1. HPSV (Sodium) and 2. HPMV (Mercury). HPMV having white light which is an combination of red, blue and yellow colour, while HPSV haivng Yellow lighting. in HPSV red & blue colour will be absent. during measurement of the lux level of HPSV and HPMV fixture. 1. Lux meter can measure the actual lux level of both fixture? 2. or it will show false reading for HPSV fixture light as it has only yellow light present. please give me answer

0 Answers   Ace Info,

how do i tune dearator pr control valve using PID. we set the set point is 0.6kg/cm2 now i want 0.5 to 0.7kg/cm2 limits so what should i give p,i,d values. then pls explain how do set pid values for control valve tuning?

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what is the difference between the microcontroller and PLC?

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Can we calibrate an actuator?

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wht is dcs architecture ? can u give example?

3 Answers  

it is possible to check the fail safe condition in pressure transmitter. if possible how?

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what is the working principal of pribe

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What is Burnout feature in a recorder?

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whats diffeence between dcs & scada operation.

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why we are using orfice plate? then difference between orfice 7 nozzle plate?

1 Answers   Flour Tech Engineers (P) Ltd,

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