Tell us about any situation that frustrated you a lot in
your work ?

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Answer / mallik

I was frustrated once when one of my clients, who’d
insisted on a high growth stock, called in a panic because
the stock price had dropped more than 15 percent in one
day. I had a hard time convincing him to get rid off it
rather than cut his losses.

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Answer / preet karan singh

In my last company where company owner play game with me..
Told me to keep full control on employees under me & on
other hand said them to directly talk to owner not to me..

When i left the company they didnt even give me Experience
letter & when last i called they said that they will break
my mouth if I evr again call them for Experience Letter..

FairFab (Derabassi) & Metfab (Chandigarh) are useless
companies I suggest not to go in that company.. This company
is full of fraud, not paying proper tax, not showing our
salary in any company account, dont even provide EPF, not
the Petrol cost.

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Answer / venkat

Yes, once in my career. when i used to work on CR's I
promissed to fix a bug in our product that is age old(20
yrs) well known defect. It took more time than what I
planed why because thats related to three modules in
product. I spend over time to get it done on time but not
in time. i felt very very happy with my work. that gave me
confidence in my work.

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Answer / kelley

Time when my Clients don't respond to me, I find it

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Answer / ayesha

Yes,when a candidate does not answer my call and won't turm
up for the interview i ger Frustrated..a lot..

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Answer / ayesha

Yes,when a candidate does not answer my call and won't turm
up for the interview i ger Frustrated..a lot..

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