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what is radar?

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what is radar?..

Answer / vinoth

Radio Detection and Ranging... Radar is used for identify
the particular objects by radio waves.

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what is radar?..

Answer / roxy1001

Radio detection and ranging
It transmitts the radio waves in isotropic manner If any
solid object comes in the way of Radio waves it gets
reflected by the surface of the object and other receiver on
RADAR receives the reflected singal and hence it comes to
know there is an object on some distance.Size and distance
is detected by the Frequncy and Amplitude change in
reflected wave.

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what is radar?..

Answer / anil kumar

Radar is an object-detection system which uses radio waves
to determine the range, altitude, direction, or speed of
objects. It can be used to detect aircraft, ships,
spacecraft, guided missiles, motor vehicles, weather
formations, and terrain.

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what is radar?..

Answer / black_mamba_007

RADAR is radio angle detection and ranging

it detects the range, azimuth and elevation of the object from the plane of the radar.

for a CW it is also possible to find the speed of the object using doppler effect

for modulated CW all the four above parameters can be determined also it will be possible to detect more objects using digitally modulated Cw.

if simple pulsed radar is used it will give exact range, azimuth and elevation we will be also using the prf for better detection and ranging.

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what is radar?..

Answer / shyam dubey

radar is a highly commuication system which identify radio ways

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what is radar?..

Answer / firoz rahman

radar is a communication equepment . it is a link
generate one end to other .he is generaly used in is alwayes use in satelight

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