Why current transformers are rated in BURDEN instead of VA?

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Why current transformers are rated in BURDEN instead of VA?..

Answer / sivaraman

Oh pal the unit of burden itself is VA. it is said as burden
because the load is not desired(like power loss in
terminals,ammeters like that) which may affect the accuracy.
thats why the allowable burden is specified in CTs beyond
which it may lead remarkable inaccuracy.

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Why current transformers are rated in BURDEN instead of VA?..

Answer / kundan malani

bcz they are low rating so the BURDEN instead of VA... and VA depends in voltage and current

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Why current transformers are rated in BURDEN instead of VA?..

Answer / anmol

first thing is that the unit of burden is VA. and CT's are rated in BURDEN.
normally ct operate with its secondary terminal short circuited but however loading effect of measuring instrument is seen. this terminated impedance is known as burden.
burden = I*V
= I*(I*R)

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Why current transformers are rated in BURDEN instead of VA?..

Answer / bk thakur

because it is a step up transformer.

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