what is float discuss?

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Answer / boxer

when the rate & prices are not stable that is float

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Answer / vijay teja

Float has many meanings and chages from context to context

1. Float in stock market: Float is the total number of equity shares that are ready for free trade in secondary market.
2. Float is the period between opening and closing of a transaction
3. Float in Companies Act 1956: Float is the amount of money to be raised for the company

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Answer / ashutosh trivedi

it is time gap of between depositing the cheque in to the
bank and clearing the cheque.

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Answer / anant_singh20057

Float is the amount represented by check issued but yet not
cleared,it is also the time gap required for any check

Anant singh
student ICFAI university

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Answer / rajitha

the total number of shares publicly owned and available for
trading.the float is calculated by subtracting resticted
shares from out standing shares

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Answer / swapnil sawarkar

float is a number of outstanding share issued for secondary market in share trading by company

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