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FactSet Systems Interview Questions
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what is by brs?

52 159560

What is BRS?

63 64546

What is amalgamation?

56 54255

M/N = 6/5 3M+2N = ?

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Why profit is a liability and loss is an assets

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What is meant by defferred revenue expenditure

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what about your self

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what is balancesheet adjustment a/c. what is the use of this a/c in sap fico


can u explain Good will calculation methods?

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Tresuty stocks/shares calculation?


what is ADR

5 9112

Contingent liabilities should be recorded in the accounts when A) It is probable that the future event will occur B) The amount of the liability can be reasonably estimated C) Both A&B D) Either A or B

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How many types depriciation we have?

16 11873

what is market captilization?

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How to edit standard SAPSCRIPT called by standard program ?


What is defect validity ratio?


FactSet Systems Interview Questions
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