wt will happen to the step of a job if u code COND=ONLY

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Answer / gummadi srinivas

//s1 exec pgm=ex1
//s2 exec pgm=ex2
//s3 exec pgm=ex3,cond=only
//s4 exec pgm=ex4

1) if s1 executes sucess, s2 got abend ,then executes s3.and
stops execution

2) if s1 got abend, s2 dont executes ,then s3 executes.and
stops execution

3) if s1 executes sucess ,s2 executes sucess,then s3 wont
executes. and go to s4.....

if any wrong in my answer plz correct me..

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Answer / suman

It is to execute subsequent activity when previous activity
terminated abnormally(unsucessfully).

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Answer / vinay sonar


it means execute that step only if previous step abends

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Answer / rahaman

that step cond=only wil be executed only when the about step fails or shows an abend.

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Answer / sdexcellent@yahoo.co.in

if COND=ONLY then the next step will be executed only when
the previous step is not executed

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