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Does the hysteresis loss is due to retentivity property of
the material? or it is due to reluctance property?

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Does the hysteresis loss is due to retentivity property of the material? or it is due to reluctanc..

Answer / raul

The hysteresis loss is due to the retentivity. When you
increase the mag. flux intensity in the material, the mag.
flux density also increases. But when you reverse the
polarity of the mag. field intensity, then the flux
reversal would not follow the same path as it has followed
during the increase. And with mag. flux intensity value
equal to zero, the mag. flux density is not equal to zero
i.e. it has some retentivity. And due to the flow of this
retention field in the material, the hysteresis losses

Hysteresis loss = hysteresis constant * frequency * (mag.
flux density)^x

where x = Steinmetz constant = 1.5 to 2.5 for ferromagnetic
and mag. flux density is nothing but retention field.

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Does the hysteresis loss is due to retentivity property of the material? or it is due to reluctanc..

Answer / s.ramamoorthy

reluctance property

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