QA Responsibilities?

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QA Responsibilities?..

Answer / fatima

1. Inspecting the actual deliverables.
2. To audit standards, processes, and procedures.
3. Establish metrics to measure the effectiveness of
this process.
4. Review all test plans, test results, development
plans and quality plans.
5. Design and code inspections.
6. Audit SCM performance.
7. Identify nonconformance.
8. Comparing actual steps performed with established
9. To audit Products and the Processes.
10. Process Monitoring.
11. Participate in transitioning acquired products to
the project.
12. Auditing the supplier’s agreements.
13. Providing objective results that can be used in
making informed decisions, and taking appropriate
corrective actions
14. Specifying the measures, data collection, storage
mechanisms, analysis techniques, and reporting & feedback
15. Ensuring that noncompliance issues are addressed.
16. Evaluating performed processes, work products, and
services against the applicable process descriptions,
standards, and procedures.
17. Identifying and documenting noncompliance issues.
18. Providing feedback to project staff and managers on
the results of quality assurance activities.
19. Providing accurate status and current configuration
data to developers, end users, and customers.
20. Compose the baselines for work products maintaining
the integrity of it.
21. Providing specifications to build work products
from the SCM system.

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QA Responsibilities?..

Answer / bindu puvvala

Ensuring the product quality in all of its development

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QA Responsibilities?..

Answer / kayessor bangalore

Review, Documentation....these r QA responsibilities...

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QA Responsibilities?..

Answer / udaykumar

1. The main responsibility of QA is to check whether the
product/project development is going through the "process".
It is mainly "Process-oriented".
2. Because of this process oriented, we r not going to
check and code or any developed product. So it is mainly
concentrates on defect prevention.
3. The activities of QA should afftect the whole staff
involved in the project. So it is "Staff function.
4. The common activities of QA include Reviews, Design
meetings etc...

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QA Responsibilities?..

Answer / nani

Ensure the quality in every stage of software development
life cycle process by conducting reviews, walkthrows,
inspections and meetings

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QA Responsibilities?..

Answer / rajendra prasad reddy penumall

Defining the quality processes
ensuring the development and testing sholud follow the
Chcking Whether the development or testing following the
process or not(Auditing)
taking corrective measure to keep track the process .

Nothindg but PDCA -Plan Do Check and Act
plan the process
Do according to Process
check the process
Act according the result of checking

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QA Responsibilities?..

Answer / pankaj negi

Monitoring, Inspection, Auditing and Development. Only this
is QA responsibility.

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QA Responsibilities?..

Answer / ilango

QA as team which has the major responislity of delivering
the product or porject defect free.
QA need to act on preventionof defects rather than finding
more defects.

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QA Responsibilities?..

Answer / annamraju

QA main intension is to provide Quality is it first phase of project or second phase of project is not a matter in the end of project it should be a bug free within test environment QA should filter all the issues and to delivery the project successfully and with QA satisfaction......

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QA Responsibilities?..

Answer / meena

1. Oversees all testing staff and activities for all
assigned applications
2.Ensures all testing standards are being met
Serves as an escalation point for issues involving testing
3.Serves as a resource and communication point for
decisions about test schedule changes
4. Provides weekly status report that includes testing

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