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What is shakedown testing?

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What is shakedown testing?..

Answer / l maria suarez

In QA Software Testing, it basically refers to the fast/
high level testing that is performed to an application
after it has been migrated or deployed to a given
environment to assure that is up and running without major
glitches, which means that is ready for being tested.
Normally this test is done as a pre-condition before
receiving it from the previous environment. To give an idea
the test may last 30 minutes.

The environments are normally 'testing environments' and
could be System, SIT, UAT.

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What is shakedown testing?..

Answer / friend

Before handovering the latest kit to Users ..SIT testing
team will do shakedown or shakeout which means to check the
basic functionality in over all kit and latest changes
which are deployed are verified in User (UAT) envinornment.

This is what we wil do in our company..

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What is shakedown testing?..

Answer / h. anvill

In reference to No. 2, answer No. 1 is correct for the
specfic system under consideration. Pertaining to programs
initially software in development is going to be written
with some purpose and direction and very often now as an
improvement over an earlier version. So with this in mind,
testing and benchmarks for performance should be considered
during development. Initial trials (pre-shakedown) should
test portions for accuracy and stability. Functions and
controls would be checked and fixed if in error. Once a
system is considered operable, shakedown testing could
Earlier benchmarks and tests, plus older version
performance on similar work would have been evaluated to
measure current against. Perfect condidtion operations
would be input to check for apparent operations. (That is
it would be checked under somewhat easy conditions to see
if it is working as designed for. Like test driving a car
from a showroom floor, nothing hard yet, just taking it out
for a spin.) Next would be performance testing in
predesigned tests determined ahead to see if it will work
under increasingly difficult conditions, basically, how far
will it go before failure.
Almost any system can fail if overloaded. Shakedown
testing is done to determine if the item is suitable for
the needs of the end user under conditions they would or
might possibly encounter. The more critical the potential
loss from failure, the greater and deeper testing must be
performed. Military,goverment, public safety, flight
systems,marine, medical systems, infrastructure etc. need
to undergo rigorous testing and shakedown as compared to
non-critical systems such as software for a college
classroom. this applies to software and hardware.

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What is shakedown testing?..

Answer / semo


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What is shakedown testing?..

Answer / kiran

I don't think the posted link provides the correct answer.
Can somebody post the correct answer for Shake down testing
in software.


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What is shakedown testing?..

Answer / guru

A shakedown is a period of testing or a trial journey
undergone by a ship, aircraft or other craft and its crew
before being declared operational. Statistically, a
proportion of the components will fail after a relatively
short period of use, and those that survive this period can
be expected to last for a much longer, and more
importantly, predictable life-span. For example if an
important bolt has a hidden flaw introduced during
manufacture, it will not share the usual reliability
characteristics of other bolts of the same type.

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