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How to convert toulene to Benzyl amine?

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How to convert toulene to Benzyl amine?..

Answer / satheesh g

Step 1
Toluene+NBS --- benzyl bromide
Step 2
Using Gabriel synthesis

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How to convert toulene to Benzyl amine?..

Answer / ravi

There are 2 ways

1. step 1- Toleune + NBS = Benzyl bromide
Step 2-Benzyl bromide + Phthalimide the hydrazine gives
desired product

2. Toluene + Jones reagent = benzoic acid
BA + LiAlH4 = Benzyl alcohol
Benzyl alcohol + PPh3 + NaN3 + PPh3 = desired product

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How to convert toulene to Benzyl amine?..

Answer / ravibabu

toulene reacts with hydraxilami eliminete the water
malicule givesproduct

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