i am serching new job please help me

i am serching new job please help me..

Answer / redddy

try chi ...vastundi..help avasaram ledu...

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Which is more basic?Ethylamine or Acetamide?Why?

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In order to avoid the pyridine catalyst use in many synthesis which is harmfull to environment, which catalyst can be used....?

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Explain wurtz process & wolf-kishner reduction?

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Barc in chemistry

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Which is more basic among pyridiene and piperidene

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What is the accepted microbial load in APIs as per USP.........?

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What is a semi-benzene?

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Active Ingredients in septilin ??

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what is hollfman degradetion

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what is the defferance between ion and an ion

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what are hindered bases and how are they different from neucleophiles and bases

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Why some type of assays having limit 98% to102%? (if any compound having assay limit 100)

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