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i am electrical engineer i cant get job in pure electrical
industry ,but i got job in instrumentation field whether
there is good scope for me, as i am fresher i m not well
with the industrial trends so any experienced engineer pls
reply me

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i am electrical engineer i cant get job in pure electrical industry ,but i got job in instrumenta..

Answer / sridhar

being an electrical engr. you should not change the line at
this stage. Here the scope does not speak. As for the
electrical is concern this pertains to big equipments and
various voltage levels & you have a very good exposure.
when you talk about the instrumentation it consist of small
instruments as per process requirement & it requires min.
voltage levels.

My suggestion is that you should continue with the
disclipline you have studied.
note:- there are lot of web site to search for a job or you
can try in your area where small industries is there in
which you can learn

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i am electrical engineer i cant get job in pure electrical industry ,but i got job in instrumenta..

Answer / engr. nazmul nahid

If u r in a complex heavy industry, don't miss your chance to by joining as an instrumentation engineer. In power plant & in Oil refinery Electrical & Instrumentation is a must needed post. And if u r in instrumentation field, it does not means that u only learn instrumentation; rather in side by side u will also learn electrical systems quickly.

I'm also E&I engineer & I know same thing that known by an Electrical Engineer.

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