What is .abinitiorc and What it contain?

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What is .abinitiorc and What it contain?..

Answer / krishna kumar

.abinitiorc file is used to provide parameters for remote
connectivity. You can access abinitio resources (e.g., EME)
on a different server by providing the connection method,
and authentication details in the .abinitiorc file.

.abinitiorc can be placed in two locations:
1. In the $HOME directory of each user
2. In the config directory of the Co>Op

In case both exist, the first one (in $HOME dir) will take
precedence over the second (in config).

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What is .abinitiorc and What it contain?..

Answer / sohanvarma

Connecting two different servers in Abinito is done thorugh
a file called abinitio.rc. This is used for remote
connectivity.It is found in user's home directory.
Generally it is used to contain abinitio home path,
different log in information like id encrypted password
login method for hosts where the graph connects in time of

It may contain inf like EME host and others.

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What is .abinitiorc and What it contain?..

Answer / riman bhaumik

You specify telnet or ftp ports by setting the
configuration variables AB_TELNET_PORT or AB_FTP_PORT in
your .abinitiorc file

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