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diff. between star, delta connection?

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diff. between star, delta connection?..

Answer / shoaib9786

Star Connection:
1. It is a setup where in one end of each phase is
connected together so as to form a neutral.
2. It is used for variable loadings
3. The line current = Phase current
4. The Line voltage = sqrt(3)* Phase volatge.

1. It is a setup wherein one end of one phase is joined to
starting end of another end so a ring is completed.
2. It is used for balanced loads.
3. There is no neutral in here
4. Line current = sqrt(3)*phase current
5. Line voltage = phase voltage.

Hope that answers

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diff. between star, delta connection?..

Answer / karthik_elec

in star connection, I phase = I line, V line root3 V phase, in delta connection, I Line root3 I phase, V line equal to V phase,

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diff. between star, delta connection?..

Answer / karthik_elec

and in star connection we can get neutral, but in delta we cant get neutral point

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diff. between star, delta connection?..

Answer / sreemani84

dear shoaib,

can i get ur mail id

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