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Marketing come frist or selling

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Marketing come frist or selling..

Answer / samir ku rout

Obviously marketing, because marketing is to find out
strategy to sale the product, once strategy is finalized
then sales takes place.

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Marketing come frist or selling..

Answer / sundar

Yes... Sales is a part of Marketing. Sales is a process where the transformation of ownership over goods occurs. But Mktg includes activities like creating demand, meeting demand with right product, selling the product and also after sale services.

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Marketing come frist or selling..

Answer /

sales comes first, and marketing second caused when marketing starts its work or can say when due to marketing people got awareness regarding product, product must placed at retail and when a consumer go to buy the product in influence of any kind of marketing he must be able to find out the product from the market. hence placement or distribution of product is primary function and marketing of the same is secondary.

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