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How to handle null values in db2

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How to handle null values in db2..

Answer / lu

you need to declare binary indicator variable....
10 Ind-variable pic s(904) comp.

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How to handle null values in db2..

Answer / biswamoy majumder

To insert a NULL, move -1 to the null indicator, To insert
a valid value, move 0 to the null indicator.
declare separately Null indictor variable in Working-
Storage section.
10 variable-NI pic s9(04) Usage comp.

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How to handle null values in db2..

Answer / yuvaevergreen

>>"INDICATOR VARS .. ===> NO" indicates the presence of
null variables for the fields in the tables.
>>indicator variable should be declared of type s9(4) comp.
Move -1 to the indicator variable and use in sql.
exec sql
insert into employee(name)
ws-name-ind is the indicator variable which inserts null in
the field ws-name.

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How to handle null values in db2..

Answer / ankitha

you can use value function or null indicators if you want to
handle nulls in program.

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