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what is dissolution

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what is dissolution..

Answer / ananth- actavis

Tablets or capsules taken orally remains one of the most
effective treatment available.The effectiveness of such
dosage forms relies on the drug dissolving in fluids of
gastrointestinal tract prior to absorption in to the
systemic circulation.
Dissolution test is a standard method used to
measure the rate of drug release from a dosage form.

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what is dissolution..

Answer / lingaraj jainar

The amount of drug released in the specified time is called
dissolution.It also finds the bio availability of the drug
in the tablet or capsule

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what is dissolution..

Answer / manoj

The amount of drug dissolved in perticular time intervel.

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what is dissolution..

Answer / jitendra kumar

dissolution is the drug release specified time in tablet and capsul

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what is dissolution..

Answer / gaurav sakpal

Dissolution is a process by which the drug dissolves in a
solvent or dissolution media.
DISSOLUTION RATE: - amount of drug released in specified
time and at specified temperature.

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what is dissolution..

Answer / yojana

Dissolution means ,a group of tablets or capsules dissolved
at perticular time .

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