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advantages and disadvantages of the custer sampling

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why did you choose mba- agribusiness after doing B.Sc (Agriculture)?

3 Answers   Corporation Bank,


0 Answers  

Leaders are not born but made-Explain. Leadership is situational-Explain

1 Answers  


0 Answers   LG Soft,

what are the qualities that made me worth hiring

1 Answers   IBM,

Imagine yourself as a manger of TISCO, Jemshedpur, how will you motivate the employees to achieve more production?

2 Answers  

What is requisition for quotation (RFQ)?

2 Answers  

A. What kind of decisions is a manager generally required to make in the organizational context? Explain with examples as to which of these correspond to programmed and non-programmed categories B. Discuss various strategies used in implementing organisational change in the context of a large manufacturing company.

0 Answers  

Write notes on the following: (a) The concept of Know Your Customer (KYC) (b) Endorsement of cheques (c) Pay Order (d) Bank Draft

0 Answers   NBP,

what is the basic deference between mission and vision?

0 Answers  

career and its importance?

0 Answers  

What is basic requirement for Scheduled Bank?

0 Answers   Banking,

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