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avg value of
active power.

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what are the types of control systems to control the speed of the motor??

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Hi, what is 100 % stator earth fault protection and how it can be achieve by 3rd harmonics and low frequency injection principle ?

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Dear sir, I am working in wind mill division , pls explain Pls explain in details with formula My question is Wind speed 3.5 M/s Gen RPM is 1500 ( 25 K/w Production ) Wind speed 12 M/s Gen RPM is 1500 ( 220 K/w Production ) Why in 3.5 m/s generation was low , why in 12 m/s generation was high , Pls dont explain wind force or wind density , that one already i know For the above question RPM was same why the KW was different Answer : 1. Its depends on the density ( Force ) of the air Sir , Pls explain wit Formula sir

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hi friends i m from electrical branch and seeking for tech. + apti. both papers of hpcl plz get it available as soon as possible

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How to Calculate IKW(input kilowatt)of a Chiller plant

2 Answers   Voltas,

what power factor should we maintain to get maximum benefits our organisation load is 10 MW? is it best to maintain the PF at .96 rather than Unity to save electricity bill?

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what is mean by current? and voltage?

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Is it weather conditions make any problems to the electrical equipments and if yes means is it any precautions needed?

1 Answers   Hexaware,

conditions for parallel operation of dc generators

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what is ripple component in ac supply?

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what is meant by class 1 E in electrical power supply?

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What are the factors considered for the selection of cable?

6 Answers   NPCIL,

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