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What Framework is suitable to validate the Login screen.

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what is the extension of the Run time Record checklist file

7 Answers   FCG,

plese tell me about vss?

3 Answers  

Difference between actions and functions

2 Answers   Ordain Solutions,

How many recording modes are provided by WR?

1 Answers  

Is load testing is possible with WR?

1 Answers  

two file is there how will compate it by useing qtp.

0 Answers  

Where are the expected results will be stored?

1 Answers   Logica CMG,

How do you copy and move objects between different gui map files?

0 Answers  

Where exactly testing comes in to picture in S.D.L.C?

5 Answers   HP, TCS,

can anybody tell me which type of questions raised on ERP domine in interviews?

0 Answers  

what is the default mode of executing TSL Script

4 Answers  

What the Script for Database Test Using WinRunner

2 Answers   Bally Technologies, CTS,