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what is the best material for gears?

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what is the best material for gears?..

Answer / aanand

Gears are made of variety of materials depending on the
requirement of the machine. They are made of plastic,
steel, wood, cast iron, aluminum, brass, powdered metal,
magnetic alloys and many others. The gear designer and user
face a myriad of choices. The final selection should be
based upon an understanding of material properties and
application requirements.

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what is the best material for gears?..

Answer / balu


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what is the best material for gears?..

Answer / ab_ina7

for big and accurate gears - cast iron
for gear producing less noise - nylon, wood
for light gears - aluminium

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what is the best material for gears?..

Answer / lakshmikandhan.v

grey cast iron, nicromolybdenum

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what is the best material for gears?..

Answer / raj

EN-8 with case hardining(Other According to load)

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what is the best material for gears?..

Answer / ravinmech52


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what is the best material for gears?..

Answer / umeshjavia

alluminium & its alloy

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