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what will be the contents for a functional requirements

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Explain how we drill up week to month?

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how do we apply sql query on selected variables?

3 Answers  

What is metrics?

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what is fantrap and chasmtrap ?

5 Answers   Tech Mahindra,

How would you format some text using css to be verdana and bold?

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Regarding Hyperlinking in Business Objects. We have a few reports in QA environment where a number of hyperlinks are employed using OpenDoc function.In some of the reports,hyperlink is used to move to another tab within the same report.The formula used include "DocID" and ReportName="tab name".This works fine but now,for the PROD move,this will not work as the Doc Ids are subject to change. Is there a way to overcome this?Without DocID,how will move to a particular tab? Thanks in advance

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what is crystal reports?how to migrate them?

2 Answers   IBM,

how to create metric universe ?

0 Answers   TCS,

if the project is assigned for you and the client said yo wait for a month,What will you do in that time?

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1. 101 vinay hyderabad 123 naresh usa 152 singh delhi 101 vinay usa 123 naresh mumbai 156 raju chennai From the above data we need to retrive current data in a report ? how and explain in detail ?

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How to create a tooltip in Webi? Is there a way to create Tooltips in Webi reports for non- hyperlinked columns? Users should be able to hover over a value in a column in the report and that should show a tooltip box with more detail regarding that column value. This is possible when you hyperlinked the column,Is it possible when you dn't have hyperlinking? Thanks in advance.

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1 Answers   Polaris,