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define strain

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define strain..

Answer / raghu

change in the dimension of the body to original dimension
of the body.

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define strain..

Answer / rybykkannan

IT is the ratio between change in length to the original

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define strain..

Answer / ravinmech52

change in dimension/original dimension

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define strain..

Answer / vinay

It is the ratio b/w change in to its original dimension, not
only length but also Area and is dimensionless.
it is indicated by latter 'e'
Strain = change in length/original length.
e = &#948;L/L
Strain = change in area/original area.
e = &#948;A/A
Strain = change in volume/original volume.
e = &#948;V/V

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define strain..

Answer / pankaj singh

it's define as the ratio of the change in dimension of the
body to the origonal dimension that is known as strain
strain= change in dimension / origional dimension
it's denoted by 'e'
e= &#8710;l/l
it's has no unit

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define strain..

Answer / gopimech312

it is the ratio of change in dimension to the original dimension

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define strain..

Answer / nandini

strain is defined as ratio of change in dimension to the
original dimension . It is dimensionless quantity .

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