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can we operate a deseal engine on outo cycle if no why??

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can we operate a deseal engine on outo cycle if no why??..

Answer / ravinmech52

no,bcz generally in otto cycle engines, petrol is used as a
fuel,and it can not reach its self ignite state so a spark
plug is needed for the operation,if we will use petrol
instead of diesel then the vehicle will not run at all. but
it is interest to know that if we will use petrol in diesel
engine it will run but it will create knocking.

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can we operate a deseal engine on outo cycle if no why??..

Answer / vinodh kumar j

See many think that outo cycle is for petrol engine and
diesel cycle is for diesel engine that's not the case any
cycle can be run in a engine with respect to it the
efficiency changes that's all.

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can we operate a deseal engine on outo cycle if no why??..

Answer / vivek

The four-stroke principle today is commonly known as the Otto cycle and four-stroke engines using spark plugs often are called Otto engines.Firstly diesel engines donot use a spark plug which is necessary for its operation on otto cycle,secondly diesel engine uses mixture of air-fuel for its working otto cycle uses petrol as fuel

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