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why thee microprocessor number starts with four digit?

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why thee microprocessor number starts with four digit?..

Answer / asm

can anybody tell me why infosys is called as infosys and

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why thee microprocessor number starts with four digit?..

Answer / guest

we use the instruction in binery 0,1
so we use multipication of 2

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why thee microprocessor number starts with four digit?..

Answer / anandkumar m k

it is just way we use it, for ex 8085 microprocessor has
64kb memory whose last address is FFFFH, so for that
purpose we are represent the 0th address as 0000H-FFFFH

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why thee microprocessor number starts with four digit?..

Answer / meghna

its not necessary always. some are having 5 digits too.
like 80186.

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