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What is the slice and dice?

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What is the slice and dice?..

Answer / prakash123

Slice and Dice
Viewing DATA in different perspectives and Changing the
order of table as u need.

Ex:Let us say there is table
Year Quarter Sales Revenue
=== ========= ==============
2001 Q1 S1

2002 Q2 S1

we want to change it as

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
2001 | S1 | | |

2002 | S1 | | |

2002 | S2 | | |

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What is the slice and dice?..

Answer / omprakash

Slice n dice are used to analize the data in different views
and levels.

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What is the slice and dice?..

Answer / vamshi

Yes, it was corret

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