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why the admittance matrix or y bus matrix of a large network
is called sparse matrix?

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why the admittance matrix or y bus matrix of a large network is called sparse matrix?..

Answer / iamdon

In case of large network there are 1000(e.g) busbars,one
busbar is connnected to adjacent busbars whose numbers are
very less(e.g 6-10) as compared to the total no buses in
network.So when the Y matrix is formed, most of the
elements of Y becomes 0.Zero values of Y are for such
elements between two buses which are not physically

The term sparse indicate the same fact that,very few
elements of Y matrix are nonzero.Thats why Y matrix is
called sparse matrix.

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why the admittance matrix or y bus matrix of a large network is called sparse matrix?..

Answer / parth bhatt(b.e)

In the admittance matrix, each non-zero diagonal element corresponds to network branch connecting the pair of buses indicated by the row and column of the element.

In most transmission network, most of the off diagonal elements are zero. So the admittance matrix are relatively zero.

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why the admittance matrix or y bus matrix of a large network is called sparse matrix?..

Answer / bharat rathod

> Y-bus and Z-bus both are used for designing and modeling of transmission system.
> Removal of short-circuit element is easy in case of Z-bus. And any modification in Z-bus is easy. Z-bus is always full matrix.
> Any modification like removal of any transmission line is difficult in case of Y-bus. And, Y-bus is highly sparse. Y-bus is having 97% sparcity.

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