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wht happens if blksize = 0 and lrec = 0 ?

wht happens if blksize = 0 and lrec = 0 ?..

Answer / rambabu

If we try to allocate a dataset giving blksize = 0 and
lrecl = 0, with Record format as FB, then system will give
you the below allocation error
"Record length of zero is valid only if record format is U"

If you are trying to copy an input dataset to an output
dataset with blksize=0 and lrecl=0, then system will copy
the file successfully and will allocate the record length
and block sizes that input datset has.

If you allocate the dataset with giving blksize = 0 and
lrecl = 0, with Record format as U, then the sort utility
fails with RC 16.

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